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Message from President

Dear fellow members,

Happy new year! Our theme for the year 2024 is "We As One"

"One" symbolizes a fresh start.

"One" represents unity.

ONE is a magical number, and many people enjoy setting their goals for the year on January 1st. With a new beginning and renewed hope, the next 365 days offer an exciting opportunity for personal growth and achievement.

To make your wishes easier to come true, here are some helpful tips to share with you.

  • Start by setting a SMART goal

  • maintaining a positive mindset

  • breaking it down into manageable steps.

Celebrate every little success along the way, as each achievement will boost your confidence and propel you closer to your goals.

On this New Year's Day, I extend my heartfelt wishes to all of you. May your aspirations and dreams become a reality.

Elaine Tang

2024 President 

Junior Chamber International Sha Tin




「一」是一個神奇的數字,許多人喜歡在 1 月 1 日為自己定下一年的目標。 帶著新的開始和新的希望,為著未來的 365 天努力,是一件多麼熱血的事情。

希望以下的小方法,能令大家所定下來的願望更加容易實現。SMART GOALS 相信好多人都聽過,Specific(明確的)、Measurable(可衡量的)、Achievable(可達成的)、Relevant(相關的)和Time-bound(有時限的)。

  • 設定一個能達到的 SMART 目標

  • 保持積極的心態

  • 將它分成一個一個小的目標



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