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Message from President

Dear fellow members,


Happy New Year! I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for your great support and contribution.


It's time to RISE! Live to Empower, Empower to Lift is the theme of JCI Sha Tin in 2023. Empowering ourselves by stepping up to make changes, passing on our passion to enlighten people around and hence, resulting in more empowerment and lifting our Leadership, Impact, Faith and Teamwork!



As a leadership development organization, our members are trained by organizing various events to train up their skill set. In order to equip our members' management skills, Sha Tin Classroom 2.0 will be launched for providing various trainings to new members and experienced members. In addition, Leadership Development Team will also provide coaching support to members to join the Public Speaking Contest and Trainer Mentorship Program so as to enhance their presentation skills.



To deepen the impact created by JCI Sha Tin, strengthening the brand image and working closely with Sha Tin district will be focused in 2023. In regards to Corporate Communication area, content of social media will be presented in more dimensions and more channels will be used to enhance the publicity of our projects. Additionally, we also hope to strengthen the brand uniqueness of JCI Sha Tin. Not only diversifying our social media content, but also enhancing our connections with the Sha Tin district and organizations.



Provide more internal trainings to board of directors to solidify the foundation.



In Chapter level, we will have more cross area collaborations as a team to support one another. In Local Organization Member level, Public Relations team will host the Dragon Boat Race in Sha Tin Shing Mun River for all Local Chapters. With the aim of providing more networking opportunities to JC members, regular practice will be arranged; and hence, strengthening our bonding by racing together.


Our theme also echoes with the theme of JCI Hong Kong - Lead to Impact. We lead our members to create positive changes in our community. Let's Empower yourself and Lead to Impact!


Look forward to seeing you in the upcoming events and wish everyone a fruitful year in 2023!

Shirley Tsang
2023 President 
Junior Chamber International Sha Tin

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