Message from President

Happy New Year.  It is my greatest honour to be greeting all of you as the President of JCI Sha Tin.  


Since I have joined JCI Sha Tin, I have been fortunate to be meeting many people who have guided me and mentored me throughout these years.   Whenever I am facing obstacles, many members are there to help me both physically and mentally. Some of them are past presidents and senators who despite having their own busy lives still keen to be there to support and empower young members to grow - that is one treasure I have discovered in JCI. 


In 2020, we have set the slogan “Be Dream Catchers.”  In the old days, dream catchers are intended to help people sleep better in good dreams.  The good dreams go through the hole in the centre of the dream catcher and then glide down the feathers to the person sleeping below.   In 2020, let the Board of Directors of JCI Sha Tin be the centre of a dream catcher, providing a platform for our young young and energetic members have good dreams and to make them come true.   


To be dream catchers, our members are encouraged to be engaged in more projects through this wide network both locally and internationally.   I wish our members can meet their mentors or partners and speed up their fulfilment of dreams. Given our close ties with Sha Tin District, our members can have more connections with local district and contribute more to the community with positive change. 


Let’s find your dream catchers together and have a very prosperous year of 2020.   Wishing everyone a good health and happy year of Rat.

Yannes Wong
2020 President
Junior Chamber International Sha Tin