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About JCI

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a non-profit organisation of young leaders and entrepreneurs aged 18 to 40 with over 200,000 worldwide membership in more than 100 countries around the globe.


JCI encourages young people to become active citizens and to participate in efforts towards social and economic development, international cooperation and personal development.


國際青年商會 (JCI) 為非牟利青年培訓組織。我們深信人類的親愛精神沒有疆域的限制,且服務人群是人生最崇高的工作。

JCI 一直致力為提供領袖培訓機會予18至40嵗人士以促進年青人創造積極正面的改變,成爲全球具領導性的青年積極公民網絡一份子,並於社區發展、領袖培訓、商業事務、國際事務等範疇為更多人帶來持續的正面影響。

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