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JCI Wakayama

By joining the annual World Congress and ASPAC Conference, members will develop friendship and exchange JC experience with JC members from different nations. JCI also promotes the establishment of permanent relations  between LOMs of different nations by twinning as sister Chapters in Area  Conference such as ASPAC each year. By establishing sister relationship, sister  Chapters usually arranged official visits and co-organizing projects to encourage  cultural exchange and international friendship. 

In the 1989 Japan National Convention held in Kyoto, Japan, Shatin Jaycees and Wakayama Junior Chamber established relationship for further development. At  the Anniversary Ball of our Chapter on 14 September 1991, Shatin Jaycees and  Wakayama Junior Chamber signed the Friendship Pact and established our formal  relationship. On 23 May 1992, we signed the Sister Pact with Wakayama Junior Chamber in the Sister Twinning Signing Ceremony at the 25th ASPAC at  Kitakyushu, Japan, and began our sister Chapters relationship. 

After a few years formal visit with each other, Sha Tin Junior Chamber and  Wakayama Junior Chamber began to organize project together, the first joint project  was “Japanese Students Summer School in Hong Kong” organized in 1995. And in  1996, the student winners of the project “Young Environmental Scientists  Competition” visited Wakayama for environmental and cultural experience exchange. 

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