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Jiangmen Youth Federation

In 1993, representatives from All China Youth Federation visited Junior Chamber  International Hong Kong, one of them was the Jiangsu All Youth Federation (江蘇 全青聯). In the meeting, Sha Tin Junior Chamber firstly established relationship  with Jiangsu All Youth Federation and exchanged visits with each other in the years after. Due to the long distance apart, the  relationship was not further strengthened. In July 1998, Sha Tin Junior Chamber  firstly visited Jiangmen All Youth Federation (江門全青聯) and initiated relationship development. 


On 18 August, 2002, we signed the Friendship Pact with Jiangmen Youth  Federation (江門市青年聯合會), former Jiangmen All Youth Federation (江門全 青聯) in the 15th Anniversary Banquet of Sha Tin Junior Chamber in Hong Kong. In 2007, the 15th Anniversary Celebration of sisterhood with Wakayama Junior Chamber and the 5th

Junior Chamber International Sha Tin Anniversary Celebration of friendship pact with Jiangmen Youth Federation were  conducted in the 20th Anniversary Celebration Banquet of Sha Tin Junior Chamber in  Hong Kong. In 2012, the 20th Anniversary Celebration of sisterhood with JCI  Wakayama and the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Friendship Pact with Jiangmen  Youth Federation were conducted in the 25th Anniversary Celebration Banquet of JCI Sha Tin in Hong Kong. 

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