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Fundraising Acknowledgement

2020 Fundraising Acknowledgement

Dream CATCHERS Sponsorship Package $5888:

  • National President Senator Maric Cheng

Dream with LOVE Sponsorship Package $3888:

  • National Executive Vice President Senator David Luk

  • National Executive Vice President Senator Kenneth Yu

Fundraising Sponsor Package A $800:

  • JCI Foundation and Fund Development Committee Member (Asia and the Pacific) and 2021 National President Elect Senator Winnie Yeung

  • 2021 National Vice President Elect Senator Kendrick Yuen

  • 2021 National Vice President Elect Marco Chan

  • JCI Bauhinia President Natalie Yun

  • JCI East Kowloon President Ivan Ng

  • President Yannes Wong 

  • Honorary Life President Senator Peter Lo

  • Presidential Advisor and 2010 President Senator Lena Wong

  • 1996 President Senator K.Y. Leung

  • 2004 President Senator Migi To

  • 2009 President Alec Yeung

  • 2018 President and Long Range Planning Committee Chairman Philip Cheng

  • President Elect Michele Lau 

  • JCI Harbour Hob Lau

  • JCI Victoria Vivian Wong

Fundraising Sponsor Package B $500:

  • National Vice President Senator Joel Li 

  • National Training and Development Commission Chairman Eddie Yuen

  • JCIHK 55th National Convention Director and 2021 National Executive Vice President Elect Senator Kelvin Lam

  • JCI Lion Rock President and 2021 National Vice President Elect Jackie Lam

  • JCI North District President and 2021 National Vice President Elect Freddy Tse

  • JCI Victoria President Aimee Tan

  • JCI Kowloon President Christy Mak

  • JCI Island President Paul Lo

  • JCI Peninsula President Jonathan Chan

  • JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes President Krystle Fong

  • JCI Harbour President and 2021 National Secretary General Designate Patricia Loo

  • JCI Yuen Long President and 2021 National Director Designate Amy Li

  • JCI Tai Ping Shan President Goffy Chan

  • JCI Dragon President Ross Chan

  • JCI City President William Tam

  • JCI Ocean President Ring Choi

  • JCI Apex President Johnnie Wong

  • JCI City Lady President Athena Yim

  • JCI Tsuen Wan President Katie Wan

  • 1998 President and Trust Fund Chairman Senator Ocean Wong

  • 2014 President Senator Priscilla Wan

  • 2016 President Senator Raymond Ng

  • JCI Victoria Past President Senator Queenice Wong 

  • Senior Member Edward Hui 

  • Honorary Secretary Yannes Yam 

  • Honorary Treasurer Nero Chung 

  • Vice President Gary Chan 

  • Vice President Esther Fu

  • Public Relations Director Eric Wong

  • Ordinary Member William Won 

  • Ordinary Member Henry Chan

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