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The 35th Anniversary Banquet


Happy 35th Birthday to JCI Sha Tin! We have celebrated the memorable birthday of our beloved chapter in Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Tower on 24 July 2022 together with honourable guests, and reunite after a long while. It is a blessing for our chapter to have annual banquet successfully held amid the ease of pandemic. The theme of 2022 for JCI Sha Tin was United We Stand, we have examined our resilience living with the pandemic and adapting with the environment over the past few years. We used our action to unite our chapter and took the lead to be with the Sha Tin community when we are trying hard to combat the pandemic. Looking ahead, as the situation gets back to normal, we will be able to catch up with what has been left behind as a result of the situation.


In the future, we hope to see an endless legacy of our beloved Chapter and to push forward new development goals that will empower us to bring about positive change.

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